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Cubesmart increased rent $30 per month! $360 more per year 2 of 2 people found it helpful
Why do I have to pay an ongoing fee if I don't want to. That decision should be up to me, not them. Also, if you want to pay your bill over the phone using a credit or debit card, they charge a fee for that too. That is like those annoying baggage fees the airlines charge. I am going to search for an honest company that doesn't gouge customers with hidden fees. CubeSmart should advertise their true cost of renting from them. Going elsewhere and...
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I have been a long-term renter and Cubesmart again just increased my rent $30 per month or $360 per year. It is nearly 20 percent! I didn't receive a notice but when I paid this month online I saw the rent increase starting next month. No wonder their profits are through the roof! It is outrageous since they don't have adequate parking and the hours for access keep changing. They also don't have any dumpsters available for clean-out and the dim...
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CubeSmart is exploiting the most vulnerable demographic by squeezing every last dime they can out of customers to fatten executive and shareholders million dollar bank accounts at the expense of the poor lower and struggling middle classes. This is a glaring example of why Sanders' extreme socialist views are resonating with so many people because the wealthy keep getting richer while the lower classes keep having to get by on stagnant low...
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