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And about the stevie award check my google plus. Veronica a.

Meza. Youll see a bunch of comments in my post and photos. The reposting i did of your stevie award looks weird like im talking to my self. Because corp...

went back and cleard the origanal posting with several replys from the company..... Juan Meza here your company wronged me and my children and I promise you I will get my children justice... so get used to my name youll be hearing it until we come to a JUSTIFIED agreement cause the refund of my monthly storage fees fees. Is B.S.

That really hurts. Please denie offering me that in responce for auctioning all my familys belongings in error, just 12 hours after receiving my payment. And ill post the voice sorry I dont like doing this but im lost, stuck, heart broke. all my pictures.

Family videos. The paul barer gloves from my grand mother and aunts funeral.... everything was in there.

When a customer makes a mistake we pay for it..... no choice no exceptions.

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