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This has been the worst experience of my life for storage rental. Cubesmart does not in the least value its customers.

I've been a customer for over a year and have put several thousand dollars in the pocket of Cubesmart and I am beyond unsatisfied & outraged at the behavior displayed. The manager of the facility is extremely rude, unhelpful, unprofessional & beyond disrespectful. Deceitful tactics are employed to make customer incur fees. Incorrect information is given.

Phone calls do not get answered. Manager will hang up the phone on you. Payments will not be taken. Amounts due and explanations will not be given.

Rent goes up 3 months after you move in. Multiple late fees per month tagged on. Lien fee of a HUGE $110 dollars at 32 days of being late (unlike ALL other storage companies who charge less than half of this amount for lien fee and at 3 month not 2 month of being late!!) Manager leaves office before closing time on a regular basis. Facility is filthy dirty.

District manager covers up for location manager when made aware of issues instead of correcting them and is rude and unprofessional as well.

I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with this facility, service and company as a whole. I DO NOT RECOMMEND using Cubesmart under ANY circumstances!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cubesmart Storage Unit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Customer service, Management, Pricing, Fees, Shady tactics, Multiple late fees, Huge 110 dollars lien fee, Unprofessional managers.

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I had a very similar experience in SC. Manager claims that he cannot make decisions, that it comes from district.

They increased my rate by 15% without letting me know.

My son called to rent an identical unit in the same building and was quoted $30 less per month. They get you to commit and move all of your stuff in thinking that you won't go to the trouble to move elsewhere when they increase fees.


Everything you've stated is accurate. They really suck. I'm moving out first chance I get.

Boynton Beach, Florida, United States #1210704

Which cube smart location are you at?


Maybe it's that location. Mine was great


I would like to start class action lawsuit against cubesmart.. For unreasonable late fees..if you are interested please contact me at ac8175@comcast.net..I spoke with lawyer only 4 signatures needed...


Cubesmart in Odessa, TX flat out lied to us and we lost everything we owned. I never received certified letter and they can't produce a copy because they didn't send one.

Now we received a collection notice I indicating we owe cube smart $324.00!!

You sold our life possessions without notice and saying we owe you.

FUMF's you're the sorriest *** pieces of *** I know. No customer loyalty, rude, deceiving, dishonest, immoral company.

Garland, Texas, United States #977881

WOW corpriat is worse go to complaints@cubesmart. Nothing but people claiming ignorance.

Garland, Texas, United States #977879

Wow its sounds like an employee, well sue check out my twitter. @myfamilymeza

What happens when the company breaks contract or misleads it...

Garland, Texas, United States #977878

Wow its like your talking about store #0776 Garland texas.... except magager was super nice and respectable.

Until we relized they had auctioned all our belongings in error. Then he did a total 360'the truth has to come out to many eyes watching to try and not give DUE PROCESS....

Houston, Texas, United States #958039

Well if your not late you wouldn't have late fees don't blame a company for you not paying your bills on time and if you actually would read your lease that you sign you would have been aware of what you signed.

to Sue123 #958095

Sue you CLEARLY work for Cubesmart, hence your check gets paid of off scamming customers through the deceptive business practices that Cubesmart employs. Oh and lets not forget the commission too....

So you go sit down somewhere and be quiet. Just because a customer is late on paying a bill, doesn't mean your company is entitled to scam them! And by the way, you make money when a customer is late - A LOT of money- so don't you dare try to call the "if you would pay on time nonsense"!

Because in reality, Cubesmart is VERY happy anytime a customer is late, as they get to charge agrigeous lmultiple late fees & they should indeed be VERY thankful to customers that are late, because they make double the money on them!! Be ashamed of yourself for being complacent and participating in an unethical business that rips people off left and right.

to Joey54 Franklin Township, New Jersey, United States #971076

I have been renting with Cubesmart for 5 years now, not that area, and yes, if you were to pay your rent on time than you wouldn't get late fees. They make it very easy to make your payments to avoid getting any late fees: Auto pay, pay on line, pay by phone and even have a mail drop slot in the door .

So there is really no reason to get mad at a company that makes it so easy to make payment if you can't do it in person.

You are the only to blame not the company, you signed a lease and knew what you were getting yourself into.I even had my due date changed to make it easier with my payday to avoid getting a late fee. If you are unhappy with your location Managers and are being treated poorly than all you have to do is reach out to the corporate office.I know 1st hand that the corp office take these seriously and they may not be aware if the district manager is covering up for that location.

to Catrina Houston, Texas, United States #973112

They do not make it easy to pay late online. Have never seen such idiotic practices.

They are ethically challenged and not the brightest bulbs on the block. CubeStupid makes much more sense.

to Joey54 Garland, Texas, United States #977880

Joey54 please send me your emial, I would like to tell what nightmare cubesmart has put my family through.... jmeza619@yahoo.com Please

to Sue123 Kissimmee, Florida, United States #1206671

Agree, i use Cubesmart for almost a year and never paid a late fee or any other fee because i pay ontime, 1 day late no problem in the Kissimmee Fl facility, people blame thier stupidity on others

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