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to all of you out there dont rent at cubesmart they are a joke i got robbed last month $8000 k of my valuables report it to santa ana police dep ..wen this happend you dont get help from managment their INS GREAT AMERICAN INS >will make it harder to get your money back they will need a receipts for every item was taking they don answer your calls or e.mails this little lady

manager of cubesmart "DORA" she has such a bad customer service she will never help you at all she claims no one has robbed cubesmart.

there at santa ana i was surprise to hear taht cuz every nigth you go there on the storages youl see people drinkig alcohol and DORA talking to them like nothing people make ther storages like their own bar, PLEASE DONT RENT AT "CUBESMART" THEY ARE A BAD COMPANY"AND YOUR UNIT AND STUFF YOU PUT THERE ITS NOT SAFE.REMEMBER THAT.....LOOK FOR OTHER OPTIONS.

Review about: Cubesmart Storage Unit.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Hey Anonymous below, hope you read this again.I also got robbed (July 2015?), management just says there's "no sign of forced entry" so they won't help with anything, they wouldn't even consider that the lock could've been picked (I bet it's quieter and possibly easier for thieves).

I asked if anyone else reported lost items, they wouldn't even tell me and asked if I'd want other people to know about what happened to me. Absolutely I'd like other people to know, maybe we can help each other out too since cube smart doesn't even want to admit that something happened so probably no chance getting anything from the insurance they were pushing.

What a conflict of interest if you ask me, seems like they're double dipping on the extra fees and not even interested in protecting users at all.Send me a message: "cubesmartvic" at hmamail dot com.


The above is absolutely true, I wad robbed as well & received nothing from management not insurance, soar the word, 3 of us were robbed the same week of July. It is heartbreaking to go through this.

Houston, Texas, United States #785345

I have rented from Private Mini Storage for 10 years.

Never had a problem with them, Cube Smart present manager at the front office at the 12955 S.Frwy is the worst, in customer service.He talks all the tenants related business with each tenant, and there employees.

If a tenant is late paying rent that should be no one's business, but the tenant and that manager.

There customer service skills stinks, they don't know how to speak to there customers.I recommend, that no one should have to do business with a company, which cannot be trusted.

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