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Been with the same storage facility for 7 years cubesmart just bought it two years ago and have now jacked the price up for the second time in the two years nearly $50.00 total . Sad because I like the facility's and employees.

Pissed off I'm now going to move my stuff . Which is a huge hassle besides just saw that they are offering a discount to new renters that brings the rate back to what I used to pay.

What happened to taking care of long term clients . Due to this they will loss a long term loyal customer over greed hope who ever gets my spot doesn't pay

Product or Service Mentioned: Cubesmart Storage Unit.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

I liked: Staff.

I didn't like: Pricing increase.

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uhoh, we have stuff stored there for 3 months and they just sent us a notice that the price is increasing $15 (includes tax). My first thought was how often this will start occurring now.

Will they start increasing it $10 here $5 there every few months now? As far as I know we didn't get a contract, it's just a month by month.

Once you have all your stuff there, they know it's a hassle to do it again, so they kind of have you stuck. Same thing with apt.

rentals, the landlord can just raise the rent anytime they want.

so what kind of protection do consumers have?

an extra 15 is somewhat reasonable I guess, but only if it's once every 6-8months, not every few months. That would not be fare.

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