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Have had my unit for 15 years never had a problem until cubesmart bought them. Was set up for auto pay but when cubesmart took over everything changed.

I was told I had to call every month to make payments unless I wanted to pay 1 month in advance. Why should I pay in advance a non refundable payment. Then I was told that I have to give them 5.00 more every month in a fee so that I can pay my bill using a credit card on the phone. So I am being charged a fee to pay what I owe them each month.

After 6 months of this I was ready to go and stopped by the office and happened to get a nice lady that was shocked that I was told I could not make a payment in the onsite office and could not be set up for auto pay. So for 6 months I paid a fee and had to call and go through a bunch of bull due to someone lying to me. Thanks to the woman I saw in person I stayed BIG MISTAKE. In Jan my credit card was stolen.

So I call cubesmart with the new card number was told ok I got it your payment went trough (that was the first time I used it). A week later I get an email saying I have been locked out because I did not pay my bill. I called spoke to the so called manager Jasmine who told me I see you did update your card but the woman I spoke to did not put the payment through. (even though I was told it went through no problem and I was all set) So Jasmine puts the payment through and charges me a late fee.

Now why am I paying a late free when cubesmarts empoyees do not do there jobs and lie about it? When I told Jasmine I want the late fee refunded I am told the only way she can do that is to tie up my put a reqwest in for a refund for the entire payment then at the same time recharge me for my rent. So this month I have 167.00 rent plus a late fee (due to there fault) that it waiting to be refunded to me and is going to take up to 60 days. Plus an other 167.00 rent.

I asked why not just refund me the late fee rather than taking up 167.00 of my money a second time just to refund me 10.00.

Oh we can not do that. The are always scamming 5.00 or 10.00 more of my money because there employees lie and are incompetent in doing there jobs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cubesmart Storage Unit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: the company to clean up there act stop lying to people and and scamming people.

I liked: Was good until cubsmart bought it.

I didn't like: Scam you out of money and lie staff incompetent, Unprofessional managers, Multiple late fees, Frequent price increases, Shady tactics.

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Most storage units that get bought out by a national or regional go down hill along with becoming much more expensive. They don't care about long term customers and the steady flow of income.

They do everything to pressure or push customers into automatic withdrawal or charge to their account-I'd never do that with any business. They considering collecting money an unnecessary expense but they'll pay accountants and lawyers to play with it.The storage unit industry is notorious for price gouging at this point. They are exploiting the high cost of living and shortage of affordable housing.

They also frequently participate in price fixing by remaining extremely close to their competitors pricing.Also be aware with corporate run storage facilities things are automated by computer and the property managers and employees are pressured to rack up the fees meaning they won't forgive or remove a fee no matter the reason.Think very hard about the use of the storage unit especially when it comes to common household items that are not rare. When common stuff has been in storage for 2-3 years including washing machines, refrigerators, computers etc it pays to sell or donate it and just assume you'll have to buy new.

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